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Hi! I am Rocky. I'm very sweet. My human adopted me on the 29th of June, 1999. I was named after Rocky from Rocky Horror Picture show. I really like that move, and Rocky is my favourite character. I have a daughter and a son. My son, who is older, is named Jarod. My daughter is Dana. Tessa was my girlfriend, but I am thinking of getting another mate via the internet. If you are cute, and you would like me, just contact my human! I am a very big cat, and so are both of my children.




I am Tessa. I am two days older than Rocky. I am also smarter than Rocky. I am the most intelligent cat of all. When I was very very young, I made my boyfriend Frank run away. I was always fighting with him, so he would never be happy. I was still a kitten then. I have not seen him since, and I say all the better! All of my other Catz acquaintances vehemently disagree with my opinion. They miss Frank, his parties with little party hats, and all of the other stupid things he did. Because I made him leave, my human makes me perpetually wear these devil horns. I don't mind. For a long time, I was also painted green. I was called the "green devil" because I was jealous of the attention they gave Frank. All of the attention in the world belongs to me, so I was justified. But I am sweet, beautiful, and I know that. I am not sorry to disappoint all the male catz out there, but I am spayed! I don't want anything to do with any of you. I'm not a very social cat!!!!!!




Hello there! I am sweet little Angela. I am very Angel-like, and that is why I am called Angela. My sweetheart is named Peter. I have a little kitten named Moth and another little kitten named Mantra. Mantra is still very young, but both of my babies are adults now. They were both fathered by my ever faithful Peter. I like doing many things, especially playing and dressing up. I am just as old as Tessa, born on the 27th of June, 1999.



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