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I am Mani the Zen Cat.

I am a Zen Cat. My birthday is the 18th of November, and I was born in 1996. I have many many brothers. Visit them at the webpage I have made for them.

I like many things. I especially like eating, sleeping, and playing. I love my huge feet. Very soon, I will have a site dedicated entirely to them. They are big, brown, and they even have extra toes!!!!!!

Hotmail: I got my email address from them, and you can too! It's free!!!

Please leave a message in my answering machine.

Webrings: Go to all of the Webrings that I am in.

I have had


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Educate, Don't Amputate
site owned by
Mani Purr

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Ragdoll Cat Ring

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This BratCats Ring site
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This Daisy Mae's Clueless Cats and Kittens site is owned by
Mani Purr.

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We LOVE Our Pet's Ring 'Home Page' We LOVE Our Pet's
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Mani Purr

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