Her Highness Rebecca's Castle

Greetings. You have blundered into my abode, which has just moved. It teleported here for the simple reason that it didn't feel welcome in geocities. Actually, my memory just couldn't fit that long URL into it. So here it is!!!! My webpage! And to all those people who have been urging me to update it, that is exactly what I am doing! In fact, I am alloting myself 11 minutes of updating. I better be expidient.

I am Princess Rebecca of America, as you might know. My title was bestowed upon me by the Benevolent Gypsy Queen, and I urge you to visit her homepage and all that. Write her an email message! She is great!

Send me an email message too!

I will soon expand on this website and do all the things that must be done to it, but I'm under time constraint, and I go to college, and I do all kinds of other stuff... like study and all that! I don't have much time. Anyway.

** ASIDE **
If you would like to visit my Queen's Castle, follow this path and you will find it.

One of my favourite passtimes is "Highlander", the television series. Here are some of my favourite people on Earth.

Methos, the Oldert Man Alive & Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod

This man, Methos, I love exceptionally. Why, you ask me. Well, because he's so old and has seen and done everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. My dear Michelangelo lost his virginity to Methos! So did Helen of Troy. So did.... well, I won't say more, I don't want to offend the dear old thing.

I am, actually (I know you won't believe me!!), Methos' Secret Wife!!! Yes, I am!

** ASIDE **
Do you wanna see his page for yourself, ask him a question for yourself? Be my guest!

Methos's very own little page!!!

By the way, just so you don't go away with misinformation, Methos did not make his page himself. My Queen made it for him.

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Do you wanna know more about me? Dive in!

** ASIDE **
Wanna see my husband Methos' Bedchambre?

** ASIDE **
Please visit my dear Michelangelo's private rooms that I am making for him. (They're still under construction)

Tell me what you think of my page! It still isn't much yet, so I'd LOVE comments and suggestions, and even flames!!!!